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Owner Builder Coaches are seasoned professionals with a background in owner building and hold a builder’s license. Our team are committed to helping owner builders navigate the construction process.

Three crucial factors contribute to success when embarking on construction or renovation projects: knowledge, experience, and a robust network.


Our team of qualified builders deeply understands the construction industry. We’ve invested years in acquiring expertise, learning from industry leaders, and continually expanding our knowledge base.


As experienced builders, we intimately comprehend the daily challenges and pressures associated with construction, especially when someone else’s home is on the line. This first-hand experience equips us with valuable insights into industry demands.


With an extensive network of industry professionals, we’ve cultivated valuable connections that can benefit owner builders at every stage of their projects.


Our journey began with a focus on owner building, eventually leading to our builder’s licenses and proficiency in renovations, extensions, granny flats, and complete home construction. Recognising the increasing number of individuals with limited knowledge attempting owner building, our company was established to address this growing need.

Unfortunately, many aspiring owner builders fail to anticipate the challenges that accompany this endeavour. They often underestimate the complexities of managing trades, coordinating material deliveries, and adhering to tight budgets. When owner builders find themselves deeply involved in their projects, facing unforeseen obstacles, feelings of anxiety and overwhelm set in.

Our mission is to alleviate these common concerns:

The Overwhelming Feeling of Losing Control:

We empower owner builders to regain control over their projects.

The Anxiety of Second-Guessing Their Decision:

We provide guidance and support, ensuring owner builders are confident in their choices.

The Sense of Confusion and Uncertainty:

Our resources and tools, including the Owner Builder Workflow and the guidance of our Owner Builder Coach, offer clarity and solutions.

Our company was founded with a singular purpose: to assist, support, and educate individuals who may feel “lost” or out of their depth in the owner building process. By implementing our systematic approach and utilising our dedicated Owner Builder Coach, owner builders can simplify their journey, knowing they have a trusted resource for answers and support, ensuring a successful project from start to finish.

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