If you’re considering building your own home as an owner builder, you likely have many questions about the process. Our FAQs can answer common questions about working with Owner Builder Specialists, the support you’ll receive, and the steps involved in building your dream home.


What are the potential savings of Owner Building?
Owner builders can save a significant amount of money on their build. By cutting out the builder’s margin, owner builders can save between 15 to 25% on their build. Additionally, by being smart about their material choices, owner builders can save 5%. That means owner builders could save between 15 – 30% on the cost of their build!

Is that savings guaranteed?
As an owner builder, you are taking on much responsibility. Not only do you need to manage the construction process, but you also need to ensure that you get the best possible price for materials and labour. While there are no guarantees when it comes to saving money, if you are an efficient manager with good communication skills and a robust workflow, you stand a good chance of coming in on budget.

What is a checklist?
Your checklist is your best friend, your planning and scheduling tool. By having a step-by-step checklist, you can save time and money and avoid making mistakes. Our complete checklist has over 1,500 steps, because figuring out their order can confuse even the most experienced builder. A well-planned checklist helps you operate more efficiently and prevent costly mistakes. We’ve used our specialised checklist to build homes of all sizes, from granny flats to large houses.

Can I buy the Checklist?
There are 2 ways to receive our checklist.

The first is to sign up with Owner Builder Checklist. You will get a generic workflow for both building administration and site supervising. This can be customised for your situation.

The 2nd way is to work with our Owner Builder Coach. He will work closely with you to customise the checklist and ensure you understand completely.

Am I at risk if I Owner Build?
Firstly, you must ensure you are working with experts who can help you minimise the risks. Many things can go wrong when building your own home, so it’s essential to have someone on your side who knows what they’re doing.

Secondly, you need to be prepared for the possibility that something will go wrong. No matter how well you plan, there is always the chance that something will happen that you didn’t expect. Working with experienced professionals will help reduce the risk as much as possible.

Am I at risk if I go to a builder?
Before signing with a builder, you must be aware of the risks. Builders may have trouble with cash flow when it comes to your home; big and small builders are struggling in this current climate. What’s worse? Warranty Insurance may not cover everything, only a certain % of it. You should research and get legal advice on any contract before signing on the dotted line. By owner building, the control is with you, not the builder.

I have started my Owner Build; how quickly can you help me?
Our team of experts can help you with your Owner Build now.

Can you guarantee me that you can get me out of trouble?
You will be dealing with experts in the field who will give it their best shot! Unfortunately, too many factors outside of our control determine your results, so we cannot guarantee this. Whether you implement what we say, how hard you work, etc. If someone does guarantee you… it would be best if you ran; these people are making promises they can’t keep. Many dodgy operators out there promising what they can’t deliver. We recognise it’s your time and money and will provide you with the best assistance possible!

Do I need to involve you from the start?
We can help you if you are an owner builder at any time during the process. In saying that, we can make the process easier for you if we are involved from the beginning. We have a lot of experience and knowledge in the area; we can offer advice and support every step of the way. Additionally, we offer various services and products to help you save money and time.

Do I need a contingency fund in case unexpected costs come up?
We believe it’s a great idea. You can’t predict everything, and there will always be some risks involved in any building project. But having a contingency fund gives you a much better chance of weathering any problems that do arise. So even though it may seem like an extra expense, setting aside a contingency fund is always a wise choice. We recommend approximately 15%.

Top 5 building tips for the owner builder?
Firstly, cash flow is always important, so plan your finances carefully and don’t overcommit yourself.

Secondly, the timing of ordering materials and trades is crucial (a robust checklist will help you) – make sure you leave plenty of time for delivery.

Thirdly, communication is critical. Please keep your contractor or project manager updated on progress and take note of their worries.

Fourthly, be efficient with your time – every hour counts when building your home.

And finally, enjoy the process! Building your home is a unique and rewarding experience, so savour every moment.

I have ended my contract with my builder. Can I owner build and finish the house off?
It depends on a variety of factors. You will need permission from the council, building surveyor, insurance company, bank, and other relevant authorities. Trades must also be willing to sign off on others’ work. We can make these enquiries for you.

I only have a few questions. Can I use your service for these?
Of course! Some clients have a few questions, some require Owner Builder Checklist to get them on track, and some require more support. Our service is flexible to use when you need us. Ultimately it comes down to your current situation, your challenges, and what you are trying to achieve.

Can I get the information I need from reading blogs and watching YouTube?
Sure, there is plenty of information all over the internet. But if you are like most people, this approach has many challenges.

Firstly, unless you are an experienced builder, you won’t have the skills to determine whether the information suits your situation.

Secondly, there is much information that contradicts itself out there. This leads you to more than likely feel more frustrated, overwhelmed, and confused.

Finally, building is like baking a cake. You can have all the ingredients, but placing them in the wrong order can be disastrous.

To get reliable information, you need to invest.

What information do I need to do an accurate quote?
Many factors contribute to the cost of a project, especially when owner building.

For us to provide an accurate quote for your new project, it is best to offer as much detail as possible right from the beginning. Assuming that you have been working with an Architect or Draftsperson, they may have collated a ‘tender’ package for you, including a complete set of working drawings, engineering and specifications. If you use our team to manage your building administration, we can create these documents for you. Supposing you are doing the building administration yourself, Owner Builder Checklist will guide you through.

When our Owner Builder Coach quotes, he uses a sophisticated software program that allows us to quantify the same material needs for each project that will create a list of items to enable suppliers and sub-contractors for specific items, materials and components to ensure that all aspects of the quote are accurate and reflect correct material selections.

Is there a rush? Why should I sign up with you now?
The truth is, if you are spending your time investigating what help is out there, you are looking for answers. It is our job to find those answers for you. This will give you time to concentrate on friends, family, and work. You need to ask yourself: what will it cost you if you don’t take this step? How much longer are you willing to tolerate your current situation and frustrations? If you have contacted us because you want to change, we can help you! Don’t let yourself lose your excitement; otherwise, you wake up, and another six months will have passed, and nothing will have changed!

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