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If you’re considering building your home or undertaking a major renovation project as an owner builder in Australia, you may need an owner builder licence. However, the requirements and regulations for obtaining this owner builder licence can vary depending on your state or territory. Here’s where you can find the information you need to start your owner builder journey.

You can click on the map to see State or Territory requirements throughout Australia for owner builder (online) courses and permits.


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Owner Builder Course

Courses and permits are vital in most States and Territories for those who wish to owner build or renovate their homes in Australia.

The owner builder regulations vary from state to state.  With different requirements for obtaining a permit and completing the necessary training. These courses provide aspiring owners with invaluable knowledge.

Regardless if it is compulsory or not we suggest to do one to gain an in-depth understanding of the construction process.

By enrolling in these owner builder (online) courses, individuals can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to take on this challenging task with confidence.


Owner Builder Permits

In addition to completing a course, aspiring owner builders also need to obtain permits from their respective state or territory’s building authority before starting any work on their property.

These permits ensure that all building works comply with relevant safety standards and regulations set by local authorities.

With easy access to information about owner builder course and permit requirements across Australia. It has never been easier for anyone who wants to build their dream home as an Owner Builder!


Australian Regulations

As an owner builder, it is essential to adhere to the Building Code of Australia (ABCA).

These codes are in place to ensure that buildings are constructed safely, efficiently, and according to best practices. By following these regulations carefully, you can not only avoid costly mistakes. You will also safeguard the health and safety of yourself and others who will use your property.

By clicking on the map, individuals can access specific information about their state or territory’s regulations and requirements for obtaining a permit to start their project.

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