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Feeling overwhelmed in the owner building process?

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Bringing your dream home to life can be daunting, especially without professional assistance.

Many Owner Builders underestimate the complexities of managing trades, coordinating material deliveries, and adhering to tight budgets, leading to feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

Are you experiencing:

We believe building your dream home shouldn’t be overwhelming.

Tailored Construction Checklists for Builders of all Levels

With over 55 years of building experience, we understand the intricacies and challenges you face when building a home.

Our construction checklists have been meticulously curated to guide you through each phase of the building process, tailored specifically for Owner Builders—whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to construction.

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Our options are flexible and customisable to each individual, project and budget:

Complete Checklist

Fortnightly Group Call

One-on-One Personalised Coaching

Basic Work Flow

Complete Work Flow

Complete Work Flow + Support

Experience the assurance of a proven system designed to ensure your project’s success.

With our subscription checklists, building your dream home has never been more manageable.

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Our checklist streamlines your paperwork, minimising confusion and delays. Whether it's handling the entire build or specific sections, our deep industry knowledge ensures you feel in control while reducing waiting times.


From comprehensive project assistance to focused help, our practical experience guarantees accurate cost estimates. Avoid headaches by having our worksheet handle your project quotes.


Take charge of your building project planning with our checklist and guidance. Whether the entire build or specific parts, we alleviate stress and anxiety. Gain assurance and effective management tools for a smoother process.

Project Management:

Whether for the entire build or specific sections, leverage our extensive experience and skill set. We work collaboratively to assist or complete your project efficiently.

Australian Builders guiding Owner Builders

Feel empowered with the tools you need to succeed.

Owner Builder Specialists exist to assist, support, and educate individuals feeling overwhelmed in the owner building process.

We are dedicated to guiding owner builders through the construction process, helping them save time and money while gaining peace of mind.

Implementing our checklists and systematic approach simplifies your journey, ensuring success from project inception to completion.

Why Choose Owner Builder Specialists?

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“Excellent experience dealing with David and the team. The design phase and build were near faultless for us. The build itself went up without a hitch. The odd issue with certificates was to be expected that caused a few month delay but the teams followed through to get things moving. Towards the end and post handover there were a few trades that needed to come back to rectify non critical items and whilst taking a little longer to resolve, Dave has been true to his word and pushed things along. I would happily recommend David and certainly build with him again.”

Jamie H

“Our Dream Home – AMAZING EXPERIENCE We would like to THANK David for helping us to achieve what we dreamt of. We are so amazed
by the customer experience his company provides. We had an
irregular shape block to start with and we got the best design utilising every space in the way we wanted, there was no pressure in using David’s services. We used David as an independent inspector throughout the build, picking up issues and giving us advice on how to fix them. We also used David as a Liaison officer with our trades, this made everything a breeze. Super Happy with everything and we have already started recommending his services to everyone.”

Jen B

How To Get Started

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Choose Your Plan

Select the plan that aligns with your requirements.

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Your Plan

Experience the ease of our owner builder checklist and personalised guidance.

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Feel accomplished in your homebuilding journey and enjoy your dream home.

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