An owner builder strategy is for every owner builder who needs help finding confidence in all aspects of building.

Do you wonder? Will I have enough money to get me through my build?  Do I have the skills to manage a building site? Will I be able to oversee the trades?

When you’re unsure what to do, it’s hard to move forward.

The good news is that you can quickly bring order to the chaos by tapping into our systems by having an owner builder strategy.

In this post, I’ll define the owner builder strategy and provide three examples to give you a roadmap so you can start with your owner builder strategy and have the confidence to build your home.

What is the Perfect Strategy for Owner Building?

Having a builder coach is the strategy owner builders need. Our Owner Builder Coaches, have at least 25 years experience in the industry and have the knowledge to share.


In other words: With their help, you will better understand what needs to be done to reach your building goals.

The added benefit is that not only will this save time and money, but they can also ensure that all safety regulations are met for your build.


Paperwork – The Building Administration Side

Building administration happens before construction. This is where you need to get all your ducks in a row. It can be a seemingly mundane task but can mean the difference between success and failure. We have created Owner Builder Checklist to give you the administration steps.

Here’s where you’ll start to bring it all together.

Of course, dealing with 3rd parties such as; engineers, council, town planners, draftsmen, and surveyors can be a tedious and lengthy drawn-out event. Consider working with a builder coach to coordinate the process and shorten the timeline.

The process you can use to work with an Owner Builder Coach is as follows:

Once you’re done, you’ll be well on your way to building your home.

Planning your Build

Only some people have the knowledge when it comes to planning for a build. A Owner Builder Coach can help you understand your needs and create your best plan.

This is crucial because they can help ensure the project is done correctly and safely.

Many people new to owner building start on the right track but then get stuck because they need to gain knowledge of OH&S and construction regulations and standards. The National Construction Code is Australia’s primary set of technical design and construction provisions for buildings.

Then they wind up causing havoc onsite.

The key to understanding codes is to engage with an Owner Builder Coach. They are your library. All you need do is open the book.

To get started, gather your questions, and contact an Owner Builder Coach.

Project Managing your Build

Project managing is how you plan, track, and manage progress to get the best out of your building project.

If you’ve spent hours and/or days organising your build, but something still feels off – like you’re missing parts or are not confident, something is missing.

Without this, you can quite easily miss steps and still not move forward with your build calmly and rationally.​​

What can you do?

A handy tool is a proven checklist that builders use to ensure that no critical steps are missed in executing the best possible outcome for your construction project.

Your checklist allows you to view your responsibilities easily. It provides step-by-step guidance as to what the next stage is. It needs to be customisable because all builds are different.

By using a structured approach like this, you can set realistic deadlines for completion and have the confidence that you are not missing steps.  It will help manage expectations with trades and suppliers who require updates on progress throughout stages of construction.

Putting it All Together for Your Perfect Owner Builder Strategy

There you have it! The three components of your perfect owner builder strategy.

It may sound like a lot, but like most things, practice makes perfect. Just focus on contacting us for our Owner Builder Coach services or Owner Builder Checklist. This will help you make your life easier and make your build happen seamlessly.

What’s next?

Book a session with an Owner Builder Coach from there, you can develop a plan that works best for you and your situation. With some planning and forethought, you can successfully complete your project while saving time and money.

As an owner builder, it is essential to have a strategy to get the most out of your project.


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